Authorization for Temporary Stay (MKV) (subject to change anytime)

Foreigners with a visa requirement (with exception for those of Surinamese origin), who intend to stay in the Republic of Suriname for a period of longer than 90 days, should apply for an Authorization for Temporary Stay (MKV = Machtiging tot Kort Verblijf) at least 3 months before the intended departure to Suriname.

  1. A completed Authorization for Temporary Stay (MKV) application form
  2. Two recent passport photographs
  3. A copy of all written pages in the passport (stamps, visas, etc.); passport must be valid for 6 months upon arrival in Suriname
  4. A certified copy of the birth certificate
  5. An original certificate of good conduct
  6. Bank statements or other documents/information proving sufficient financial means during stay in Suriname
  7. If application concerns internship or voluntary work: a copy of an official letter of the organization/institution in Suriname stating the purpose and duration of agreement
  8. If applicant intends to work in Suriname: a copy of the labour/employment contract
  9. Proof of residence (if applicable)
  10. Proof of marital status:
    • If married/divorced/single/widow: a certified copy of marriage license/divorce certificate/proof of widowhood.
    • If cohabiting (partner relationship): proof of cohabitation in the country
  11. Notarized letter of consent by parents and a copy of the birth certificate:
    • If a child (up to 17 years) is traveling alone
    • If a child (up to 17 years) is traveling with one of the parents (with consent of the 2nd parent)
    • a certified copy of the judicial decision in case of adoption/legal guardianship of a child (up to 17 years)
  12. A copy of a statement of guarantor in Suriname (in case of insufficient funds of applicant)
  13. A copy of valid health insurance
  14. A health certificate

Note: MKV applicants may not apply for other visas in the period in which their MKV application is pending.

Processing and handling fee: $ 100.00
MKV fee: $ 45.00

Note: All fees are non-refundable.

Forms of payment:
Cash (exact amount only and hand delivered)
Money Order / Certified Check / Company Check
No personal checks will be accepted.

Mailing fee:

  • Domestic:
    Express Mail: US $25.00
    or pre-paid Federal Express/UPS/Express Mail label and/or envelope

  • International:
    Only a pre-paid Federal Express/UPS/DHL label and/or envelope

Processing time:
Allow approximately 90 days for processing.

Where to send MKV application:
Embassy of the Republic of Suriname
4201 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite 400
Washington, DC 20008

Tel: (202) 629-4302
Fax: (202) 629-4769

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